20 June, 2014

Two Skincare Empties (Alongside what I'll post next!)

I love makeup, don't get me wrong, but it's not something I wear all the time or every day, even though I've been thinking of lighter looks for casual use. Some things I do use every day, however, are my skincare products, and I have two tubes that I've emptied entirely so I can give you my opinion on the products mentioned.

23 March, 2014

Spring Is Now Here! (Technically)

Now, I don't know about you guys but I've been waiting for spring for a very, very long time.

A very long time.

Now I moved here from Dubai and the weather happened to be a rather sudden shift for me, and since it's been all gloomy and snowy the past few months, at the first sign of spring I went shopping for more weather-appropriate clothes.

It's not much (only a couple things), but let's get to it!

10 March, 2014

Natural Beauty - Working Out

Since my last post, I'd been going on Tumblr a lot as well as following bloggers here and watching a good many YouTube vids - and I got jealous.

You never realise how many absolutely fit people there are until you go on sites like this, and all this eventually lead to me tracking the #fitspo tag on Tumblr - and it's been brilliantly inspiring. Not just to look better, but to feel better and healthier and more energetic.

That's why I decided that, this month, I'd start to ease myself into eating a bit cleaner as well as working out a lot more than I usually ever do, as well as keeping myself on a regular schedule for said workouts.

So far, I've been following the Blogilates Beginner Calendar for a week now and I'm sore as hell and sweaty every day but it feels great, amazing even. There's something wonderful about knowing that what you're putting into your body is good for you and that the soreness all around is actually helping you.

I encourage you all to give working out regularly a go - even if just for a week like I did at first - and feel the difference overall. It's absolutely phenomenal.

13 January, 2014

Three Favourites from 2013!

I realise it's been a long, long time since I've posted properly but now that I've moved I've decided to kick things up a tiny notch and start posting again!

(Cue excited applause here.)

In any case, I now present to you three of my favourite products that I used last year and only recently repurchased after my last makeup bag went missing.

19 December, 2013

Another (very, very late) update!

It's been a while, hasn't it?

As an update though, I'm pleased to inform you that I have now moved to Virginia, am now eighteen years old, and really about to start university.

It's been a big change and admittedly rather hard to get used to, but I guess I'm dealing and am as happy as can possibly be under current circumstances. I'd like to announce that I do actually plan on continuing both this blog and my YouTube channel - to those who may or may not be following them.

I also got a learner's permit, which is a big deal for me! Don't laugh, for any who are laughing at an eighteen year old finally getting a permit, yeah?

I'll be starting regular posting soon enough to, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time! :)

04 September, 2013

Life Hacks

New video up - please check it out!

My friend and I discuss how to hack life using four nifty little tricks that may or may not be useful to you but I certainly hope that they are.

Also, an update on the makeup bag front: I still haven't found it yet. But my mum insists that if it is not found, then she wants to buy me an entire new set of makeup of the same quality I had beforehand.

This was not cheap.

But she insists, and I've tried to convince her out of it but she won't budge, so I suppose I'll just have to have fun with buying it. Who knows - maybe I'll even make a video out of it.

Until next time!

31 August, 2013

The Sibling Tag

Yesterday I posted my newest video on YouTube - The Sibling Tag!

My brother and I got together to answer the questions on the list (albeit reluctantly on his part) and it made, to say the least, quite an interesting video.

What are you guys like with your siblings?

Also, please watch, like, and subscribe - THANK YOU VURY MUCH IF YOU DO!

Until next time! (Leave any comments down below on ideas for something you'd like to see on either my channel or my blog!)