13 April, 2013

An Introduction To Me (Somewhat)

Now, one thing you should probably know is that I've had his blog open for a really, really long time - I've just never quite gotten around to posting anything on it.

I'll also get around to introducing myself. I'm Riana (Ry-nah, not Ree-anna, but I'll respond to both!), I'm 17, I love dogs but I have a cat, and I live in Dubai, but that'll change once I head off to university this summer. It's not much of an introduction, but I suppose it'll do for now.

So without further ado, here we go - my very first post! I should tell you guys that I'm not too sure about what this blog will focus on just yet, so for the moment you get to have random (occasionally boring) snippets of my life - essentially since I've nothing better to post  - as well as stuff I've bought and stuff I've done that I really like.

First off, we've this little bracelet, which I personally adore. All I can tell you is that I bought it at Global Village in Dubai, so if you're ever, ever around, do check the place out - there's plenty of stuff you can find and most of it is very inexpensive.

Again, all of these I bought from Global Village. Really cheap, really lovely, and fun to pick out.

A quick photo of my how my nails have been done! In all honesty, nail polish is one of my absolute favorite things in the world, so I've always got random, nice colors splashed onto my nails. You'll probably see many, many more photos of my nails soon enough. It's the one thing I love doing and taking pictures of.

And last but not least, I'll introduce you to Fizzle, the still-rather-young kitty who's going to feature a whole lot on this blog. He's sleeping right now though, so let's leave him be. Until next time!