19 December, 2013

Another (very, very late) update!

It's been a while, hasn't it?

As an update though, I'm pleased to inform you that I have now moved to Virginia, am now eighteen years old, and really about to start university.

It's been a big change and admittedly rather hard to get used to, but I guess I'm dealing and am as happy as can possibly be under current circumstances. I'd like to announce that I do actually plan on continuing both this blog and my YouTube channel - to those who may or may not be following them.

I also got a learner's permit, which is a big deal for me! Don't laugh, for any who are laughing at an eighteen year old finally getting a permit, yeah?

I'll be starting regular posting soon enough to, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time! :)

04 September, 2013

Life Hacks

New video up - please check it out!

My friend and I discuss how to hack life using four nifty little tricks that may or may not be useful to you but I certainly hope that they are.

Also, an update on the makeup bag front: I still haven't found it yet. But my mum insists that if it is not found, then she wants to buy me an entire new set of makeup of the same quality I had beforehand.

This was not cheap.

But she insists, and I've tried to convince her out of it but she won't budge, so I suppose I'll just have to have fun with buying it. Who knows - maybe I'll even make a video out of it.

Until next time!

31 August, 2013

The Sibling Tag

Yesterday I posted my newest video on YouTube - The Sibling Tag!

My brother and I got together to answer the questions on the list (albeit reluctantly on his part) and it made, to say the least, quite an interesting video.

What are you guys like with your siblings?

Also, please watch, like, and subscribe - THANK YOU VURY MUCH IF YOU DO!

Until next time! (Leave any comments down below on ideas for something you'd like to see on either my channel or my blog!)

28 August, 2013


I'm very excited to say that tomorrow I'll be heading to watch One Direction's "This Is Us"! (Apologies to any non-One Direction fans who have to go through with reading these blog posts about them.)

I'm hoping that it'll be a really good movie - I do have quite high expectations of it - and I'll probably leave a very short review (no spoilers, promise) tomorrow on this blog for anyone who's interested/

For anyone who actually is interested in my YouTube channel, I think I might be falling into a nice routine of posting videos every Friday and Tuesday - it's a nice, regular schedule and it's by no means too taxing on me, so hopefully I'll be able to stick to it.

I'm still not too sure what my next video will be but we'll see, I suppose. I think I'd also like to buy a vlogging camera too - I love my Canon EOS 600D a lot but it's quite heft and since it can't really autofocus on the go it's not ideal for vlogs where I go out and have to record on the move. Alas, however, I've no money at the moment so I'll have to wait until I can buy one.

I should probably invest in a good microphone as well for that matter.

Anyone have any ideas for my next video?

Until next time!

27 August, 2013

What's In My Bag?

New video is up!

It's not the most interesting video in the world, no, but it was simple and it's something I always love to watch so I hope you guys have a good time watching mine as well - and to anyone who watches, likes, and subscribes, I offer you a very large thank you!

In any case, I've not much else to report. My missing makeup has, as of yet, not been found, so I may well have to turn to my old makeup for inspiration. Who knows? Maybe I'll even make a post based on my backup makeup! (Clever word play there, you see.)

Otherwise, I've also not been going out much so far but hopefully I'll be able to a bit more later on.

In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions - for videos, blog posts, anything really? Please leave them down below!

Until next time!

26 August, 2013


Since YouTube videos should probably be posted on a regular schedule, I'd very much like to post one today. As it is, however, I have two very large problems facing me at this very moment:

  • I have no idea what to do. I was thinking along the lines of a challenge, but most are better with two people and I doubt my brother is willing to join me. Any ideas for good and (non-dangerous, please) challenges I could do on my own?
  • Two of my uncles are staying over, and along with the four people in this house already, it is very, very difficult to find any semblance of privacy to actually record my videos. Even if I manage to find an empty room, there's always so much noise. Sigh.
In any case, I will still give this my best shot. In other news, I can smell a very yummy pasta sauce being made downstairs.

Also, my cat may or may not be trying to sing.

Until next time!

23 August, 2013


So I actually did it - I actually put up a video on YouTube!

I'll admit, it's not the most amazing of videos nor do I look stunning in it, the voice quality isn't amazing, I talk funny, and it's in general not very professional or anything, but I was very, very nervous posting it and I really hope that at least a few people like it.

It's basically an introduction post where I list 10 facts about myself, and I would very much appreciate it if people watched, liked, and subscribed!

I also would love for you guys to leave any suggestions either here or in the comments of the video itself for anything you'd like me to do - whether it be a how to video, a vlog, or a challenge. In fact, challenges are very, very welcome. For the most part. As long as it's not dangerous.

Again, please watch, like, and subscribe - it would really help me out!

Thank you, and until next time!

20 August, 2013

Men In Black - 1D Version

Hullo again, and welcome to the next part of the segment I like to call "My makeup kit is still missing and I sincerely and truly apologise".

On another note though, did anyone catch One Direction's "This Is Us" movie premiere?

Apologies to anyone who isn't a 1D fan, but it was definitely worth the watch! I watched the livestream Yahoo provided and it was certainly far more interesting than I normally find movie premieres, that's for sure. What truly impressed me was the sheer amount of people packed into Leicester Square - 15,000 they said! If that's not impressive I don't know what is.

Also, once the boys stepped out, my jaw may or may not have dropped because they truly did, at the risk of sounding like a preteen girl, look absolutely gorgeous. Dressed suavely in black, they all looked poised and excited - what could look better on a person anyway?

Another round of apologies for my missing makeup kit and for anyone who doesn't like 1D and has to go through my lovestruck ramblings.

Until next time!

19 August, 2013

Fiery Marshmallows - Yep.

Bad news, guys - the makeup kit is still totally and completely lost. The whole house is been enlisted to look for it but as of yet it's still missing, unfortunately.

Also I went out for lunch yesterday at California Pizza Kitchen and the food was yummy - as usual!

The Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Sandwich from CPK - Yummy!
In the meantime though, it's been a relatively boring day so far - didn't go out for anything but to drop my uncle at the airport. I did, however, look into other interesting things online such as teenage entrepreneurship and interesting ways to make money for 17 year olds like me - people living in countries where it's illegal to get a paying job, even part time, until you're 18.

And you know what? I think I found some good ideas that I may well be looking into trying and experimenting with. After all, there's nothing to lose, is there?

I also may have roasted marshmallows. Here is a marshmallow on fire for your viewing pleasure.

This marshmallow's on fi-iiire~

Also - would anyone be interested in me maybe doing daily vlogs or challenge videos on YouTube? It's such an interesting platform and one I'd definitely like to look into.

Until next time!

(And apologies for the not-so-great photo quality - these were taken courtesy of my iPhone 5 and not my usual Canon.)

18 August, 2013

Hullo again!

Now, the thing is - I really want to blog.

I do, I truly, honestly do. But the fact is that I've currently lost my makeup kit - yes, the one there's a post about - and I can't do any specific looks from that.

I can't buy new things to review either, and I don't do enough to actually blog daily about.

Does anyone who's been in this situation have any ideas? They'd be really, truly welcome!

Until next time!

15 August, 2013

Excuses, excuses.

I'm just full of them, aren't I?

Unfortunately, however, this is a very valid one. At the end of last month, July 29th, my father passed away. This was a - huge would be an understatement - massive shock to my family, considering he was healthier and more fit than all of us put together.

It's been hard coping but we're dealing so far, and hopefully there are better things in store for the future. Any prayers for him would be happily appreciated as well.

In light of this event, I took a tiny break from posting, but hopefully will start again - once I have things to post at least!

As always, your patience is highly appreciated, and if you have any ideas you'd like me to discuss in my next post, please do leave a comment down below.

Until next time :)

A side note - I was thinking about maybe starting a daily (or weekly) vlogging channel on YouTube. Any ideas or thoughts? Please let me know.

01 July, 2013

Quick Update

I know I've not been posting very regularly for the past couple of weeks but I've a reason - I'm traveling!

I'm not sure if most of you know this but since I'll be heading to university this summer, we decided it would be best to take a look at the universities as well as the country I'll be spending the next four years in.

So we're headed to England!

We leave tomorrow (early in the morning, ugh) and we'll arrive there in the afternoon. A couple of days in London, two in Edinburgh, and then back to London it is.

Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan, I'll have a blog post every day for the next week - provided I don't erase my memory card as I accidentally did last week (You'll want pictures more than you'll want the text, trust me).

So apologies for not posting, but here's hoping you like what I've got in store.

Until next time!

Do comment below if you've any ideas that you feel I simply must try out while I'm there, please!

12 June, 2013

Bobbi Brown Lipstick - Uber Pink

Dented packaging; blame my bag. I practically tote around a library and technology hub in it, so things do get a bit... Tossed around.

I find that impulse buys are often some of the best buys when it comes to makeup shopping - at least, they are for me. Is it the same for you guys? I took a trip to the mall today (again) and ended up buying myself a new lipstick - Bobbi Brown's Creamy Lip Color in Uber Pink. Unlike the Barbie pink you might expect with it's, er, rather obnoxious name, the colour is actually anything but. Take a look:

The case is truly wonderful - smooth and shiny and oozes class.

The colour's actually a bit darker than this, but the picture came out a bit odd. That being said, as stated below, it's a colour that looks quite natural on your lips.
 It's a lovely and very natural colour, so if you're planning on using any lipstick that can double as both an everyday lipstick as well as something with just a bit of shine for a night out, this is the one for you. As it says on the can, it's smooth and creamy - it actually feels a bit like lip gloss on your lips, but it definitely doesn't look like it. It lasts a long time, and it's got enough of a shiny glimmer to it that makes it stand out.

Colour swatch - but my hand's not really the best way to tell. Can you see the tiny pinpricks of shine in there?
Has anyone else tried this lipstick before? What are your opinions of it - and are there any you like better? 

Until next time!

08 June, 2013

Finding Nemo/Nautical Nails!

Had myself a bit of nail polish fun - inspired just a bit by the shoes I bought yesterday, along with Finding Nemo. Read on to see which nail polises I used :)

 I used OPI's Natural Nail Base Coat, and I have to say I find this the best part of putting any sort of nail polish on. This one easily glides on and sinks into any ridges, leaving you a smooth canvas of a nail. It dries very quickly too, which is always a plus.

Next I had a bit of fun with a white base - two coats of Sinful Colors' "Snow Me White". I have to say, for its inexpensiveness, it really does the job quite well.

After this, I started to work on the broad, diagonal stripes, using Prestige's Wonder Gloss Nail Lacquer in "Sea Breeze" on four of my fingers, followed by Sinful Colors' "Hazard" on my ring finger. I always like to make my ring finger pop a bit because it adds a bit of flair to my nails - and I don't have to make the effort for all of my nails that way.

Last but not least, I finished off with OPI's Top Coat, which is a bit thick but easy enough to work with. To be honest though, I've heard plenty of reviews of Seche Vite, and I can't wait to get my hands on that instead. OPI's top coat takes a while to dry.

Everything I used!

A more sedate pose - for a hand.
Bit messy, but I used no tools.
And that's my little Finding Nemo look! I have to admit, it took me a couple of tries to get it to look even half decent, but I'm pleased with the end result. Do comment!

Baby birds, dinner, and a tiny, tiny bit of shopping.

So I've gone a few days without blogging, and I've really no excuse, but I'm back, and I have a few pictures for you all! Check under the Read More to see all of them :)

Baby birdy!

03 June, 2013

Liebster Award

I'd really love to thank Kristen Moreno from Your Beauty Fix for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I'm very flattered that you thought my blog was decent enough for this award, and I hope I live up to your expectations!

These are supposedly the rules for said award:

The Liebster Award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers in order to get them more noticed and give them recognition!   
You have to say 11 things about yourself, then answer 11 questions the person who nominated you gave, then nominate 11 more people and give them 11 more questions to pass along! You then go to their page and tell them, oh and no tag backs! 

Let's get started then!

02 June, 2013

My Makeup Bag!

I figured that, since I did promise a blog about makeup and beauty and the like, I'd start with something relatively simple - the contents of my own makeup kit. 

This is a small compilation of what's in my purple pouch, detailing the bits I absolutely adore and the stuff that I don't like as much, and what sort of occasion I use them for.

Let's go!

Warning - this is a rather long post as I've written a very brief review of each product.

31 May, 2013

I've graduated high school!

Hi again! It's me, and I know it's been a while since I last posted, but I assure you I have a perfectly good reason for it.

Well, not really.

But in any case, exams have finished, I've graduated high school, and life is good (read boring). So to occupy myself until university starts, I begged and begged my dad to get me something I thought might fill the blanks between now and September - a camera.

The one I got is a Canon EOS 600D, and so far I absolutely adore it. I by no means claim to be a pro in any manner, so this camera's been really easy for me to use and learn with, and it doesn't make using it a horrible chore.

Apologies for the horribly short post, but here are some pictures I've taken with it to make up for it!


Me dad's tea :)

Fizzle looking rather thoughtful.

Mum's tea!

Went out for breakfast!

Peanut buckets at Texas Roadhouse

The mess on my bed. Bleh!

And last but not least, a gift from a friend - the ultimate proof that I truly have graduated.
Please do remember that these photos are merely a result of me fiddling around with the camera - nothing else.

That being said, I do quite like them - leave a comment below if you do too!

Until next time :)

13 April, 2013

An Introduction To Me (Somewhat)

Now, one thing you should probably know is that I've had his blog open for a really, really long time - I've just never quite gotten around to posting anything on it.

I'll also get around to introducing myself. I'm Riana (Ry-nah, not Ree-anna, but I'll respond to both!), I'm 17, I love dogs but I have a cat, and I live in Dubai, but that'll change once I head off to university this summer. It's not much of an introduction, but I suppose it'll do for now.

So without further ado, here we go - my very first post! I should tell you guys that I'm not too sure about what this blog will focus on just yet, so for the moment you get to have random (occasionally boring) snippets of my life - essentially since I've nothing better to post  - as well as stuff I've bought and stuff I've done that I really like.

First off, we've this little bracelet, which I personally adore. All I can tell you is that I bought it at Global Village in Dubai, so if you're ever, ever around, do check the place out - there's plenty of stuff you can find and most of it is very inexpensive.

Again, all of these I bought from Global Village. Really cheap, really lovely, and fun to pick out.

A quick photo of my how my nails have been done! In all honesty, nail polish is one of my absolute favorite things in the world, so I've always got random, nice colors splashed onto my nails. You'll probably see many, many more photos of my nails soon enough. It's the one thing I love doing and taking pictures of.

And last but not least, I'll introduce you to Fizzle, the still-rather-young kitty who's going to feature a whole lot on this blog. He's sleeping right now though, so let's leave him be. Until next time!