13 January, 2014

Three Favourites from 2013!

I realise it's been a long, long time since I've posted properly but now that I've moved I've decided to kick things up a tiny notch and start posting again!

(Cue excited applause here.)

In any case, I now present to you three of my favourite products that I used last year and only recently repurchased after my last makeup bag went missing.

Going from left to right, we'll start with Benefit's "benetint", an absolutely gorgeous lip/cheek stain that leaves behind a very natural but gorgeous colour. I use it primarily for my lips because I'm not actually a huge fan of lipstick or lipgloss, and this leaves behind a beautiful colour that isn't sticky or thick in the slightest.

It also does, however, look stunning on your cheeks. Just make sure to start patting and blending it in almost instantly else the colour will sink into your skin unevenly.

The next product in line is Estée Lauder's Pure Color Blush in Wild Sunset. It's rather pricey but is worth it in terms of quality and quantity.

This colour does actually seem a bit much - a bit out there, if you get what I mean - but it isn't. Not at all. I myself love more of a natural look and a little of this blush, very little, goes a long way. As long as you use thin layers and blend carefully, this blush works like a charm, especially on skin tones that are tanned or darker.

And last but certainly not least, Benefit's "They're Real!" Mascara.

Many, many bloggers and Youtubers have talked about this product, most fans - and for good reason too. This mascara applies easily and adds the volume and length that you want without leaving a clumpy texture behind. The brush itself is brilliant in that it has bristles at the end to take care of any left areas, and your lashes will look stunning once you're done. Again, I personally don't like to have too much mascara on, but I've tried layering it and the results were phenomenal.

And there we have it - three of my favourite products from last year tucked into one neat post! Again, apologies for not doing this regularly, but I promise that I'll try to post regularly from now on. Any ideas or requests would be much appreciated - please do leave a comment!

Until next time!


  1. I am OBSESSED with Benefit's "They're Real" mascara!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

    1. It's brilliant, isn't it? It's my go-to, I swear!

  2. I have been eyeing the benetint for ages, everyone raves about how well it looks on your cheeks, although I am a little intimidated by how badly the stain would look if I don't work with it quickly enough!

    ♥ M&L
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    1. It looks absolutely gorgeous, I can tell you that. If you're intimidated I'd suggest testing it first to see how long it takes for the stain to sink in, but planning where I want it to go before I apply it and then rubbing it in immediately tends to work with me!